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        the door frame shall not be deformed or disassembled for welding. the rolling clearance between the inner and outer door frames shall be adjusted reasonably and shall not be greater than 1.5mm. the rotation of idler shall be flexible, and the idler and shaft shall be free of cracks and defects. the wear of grinding wheel groove shall not exceed 10% of the original size.
        shelves and shelves must be complete and effective.
        3. the tension of the two chains shall be uniform without deformation, and the ends shall be firmly connected. the pitch of the chain shall not exceed 4% of the original length, otherwise the chain shall be replaced. the sprocket shall rotate flexibly.
        4. 貨物叉架不得有嚴重變形或脫焊。貨叉表面不得有裂紋或焊接。貨物叉角不得大于93°,厚度不得小于原尺寸的90%。左右叉點高度差不得超過叉水平長度的3%。貨叉的定位要可靠,貨叉鉤的支撐面和定位面不應有明顯的缺陷,貨叉與貨叉架的配合間隙不宜過大,動作要平穩。
        4. there shall be no serious deformation or desoldering of cargo fork frame. there shall be no cracks or welding on the fork surface. the cargo fork angle shall not be more than 93 ° and the thickness shall not be less than 90% of the original size. the height difference between the left and right fork points shall not exceed 3% of the fork horizontal length. the positioning of the fork shall be reliable, the supporting surface and positioning surface of the fork hook shall be free of obvious defects, the fitting clearance between the fork and the fork frame shall not be too large, and the action shall be stable.
        5. 升降缸與門框的連接應牢固靈活,配合間隙不宜過大。鋼瓶密封良好,無裂紋,工作平穩。在額定載荷下,lomin龍門架自沉能力不得超過20mm,傾角不得超過0。5°。滿載時的起升速度不應小于標準值的一半。
        5. the connection between lifting cylinder and door frame shall be firm and flexible, and the fitting clearance shall not be too large. the cylinder is well sealed, free of cracks and stable. under the rated load, the self sinking capacity of the lomin gantry shall not exceed 20 mm, and the inclination angle shall not exceed 0. 5 degrees. the lifting speed under full load shall not be less than half of the standard value.
        7. 嚴禁站在貨叉的頂部和底部。不允許使用一個單獨的貨叉來挑高于負載的貨物。
        7. it is forbidden to stand on the top and bottom of the fork. it is not allowed to use a single fork to pick goods higher than the load.
        6. 應配備有叉車駕駛證的叉車司機,以避免一輛叉車內多名司機。
        6. forklift drivers with forklift driver license shall be equipped to avoid multiple drivers in a forklift.

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